IRA Real Estate

Investment Options

At Sitar Realty Company, we make purchasing real estate in your retirement account easy. Retirement accounts cannot invest directly in real estate. However, your self-directed IRA can invest in LLCs, private placements, and joint ventures which are invested in real estate. Whether you are looking to buy a single family house, duplex, apartment building, retail center, office building, or industrial building, Sitar Realty Company will help you build wealth in real estate.

We will walk you through the process of opening a self-directed IRA and make you aware of the rules governing real estate investments in retirement accounts. Then let us help you set up your own LLC, and our real estate professionals can help you find an asset which is right for you and your retirement goals. Sitar will help you negotiate your transaction, locate non-recourse financing to enhance your returns using leverage, and provide you with a list of services and options to make your investment run efficiently.

You will have the option of having full checkbook control of your account. Although self-managing properties in your retirement account is not recommended to ensure a taxable event is not triggered, you are allowed to write checks to pay for services and repairs to your investment. Or you can work with one of our partners to write all checks for a small fee.

Another option to make real estate ownership turn-key is to invest in one of our private placements. Investing in our private placements is truly real estate investing made easy. We will purchase a property based on the parameters and goals of the placement. Then our experienced executive team along with our property management division will manage the property to ensure optimal results.

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