IRA Real Estate

Buy real estate with your Retirement account or Educational Savings Account

Start planning for the future now. Sitar Company is ready to help you invest your IRA, Roth, previous employer Retirement account or 401K, SEP, Roth, Simple IRA, ESA, or HSA in Real Estate. Our knowledgeable team will make it easy for you to take advantage of the great real estate deals all around you.

Sitar offers services to make real estate investing easy. Take advantage of our one stop shop and have virtually no involvement at all after the purchase, or you can choose to have full checkbook control and be as hands on as you would like. Sitar can help you set up your LLC, find an investment, manage your asset, locate non-recourse loans, and even allow you to combine your investment with others through a private placement (coming soon), to invest in the commercial asset you have always dreamed about.

Whatever your Real Estate needs are, Sitar Company can help you.

Contact us at 732-283-9000 or 732-449-2000 to take control of your future and get started today.