Property Tax Consulting & Appeals

The Consulting & Advisory Division of Sitar Company provides property tax consulting services to annually review property taxes to determine whether or not a particular property is over-assessed relative to its fair market value. The review also includes assistance in responding to income and expense requests from the municipality. Property taxes are often the single largest operating expense for commercial properties. As such, property taxes should be reviewed annually and very carefully. In conjunction with that service, if a property is determined to be unfairly assessed, Sitar Company through its in-house lawyers and professionals along with professional appraisers will file a tax appeal on the property. A property tax appeal is an excellent method for reducing annual property costs. The general filing deadline for property tax appeals is April 1st, unless there has been a municipal wide revaluation, which may alter the filing deadlines slightly. Sitar Company will provide you with the exact filing deadline for your particular property, and will also provide you with a no-obligation review of your property taxes to determine if an appeal is warranted.