Property Management

Sitar Realty Company views property management as an important service for those corporations, institutions, investors and building owners who are unable to manage both the day-to-day building functions and strategic planning that ownership requires. Sitar Realty Company offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of owners, including:

  • Operations management
  • Financial and accounting services
  • Facility upgrades
  • Capital improvement programs
  • Environmental management
  • Maintenance programs

From the moment Sitar is assigned to a property, we work very hard to set a standard of quality service. An immediate inspection is undertaken to list any visible building problems. All building service contracts are reviewed, and contact is made with all contract holders to determine if they are the best service provider for the building. Concurrently, a survey is conducted and Sitar meets with all tenants of the building to determine how they view the property and what ownership can do, within reason, to correct any issues. From that consensus, Sitar is able to provide a rigorous program to efficiently manage the property and provide a superior work environment for all tenants.

Sitar also provides interim portfolio management services during workouts or foreclosures and assists in developing long-term strategies, including acquisition support and disposition services. Recognizing that success in property management hinges on a well-coordinated transaction between the owner and property manager, Sitar Realty Company proactively manages the transition with an understanding of the business complexities and economics at stake. Beyond daily management tasks, Sitar Company devises strategic plans for maintaining and enhancing the value and quality of a client’s investment while providing responsive, personal service to the building’s occupants.

Unique to the industry, Sitar Realty Company has been managing golf and recreational facilities since 1991. Banks have called upon Sitar to immediately assume responsibility of golf courses which have come into their portfolios through foreclosure proceedings. Sitar has the experience to manage the total operations – from complete operation of the facility to maintaining the grounds – and preserving their assets until disposition occurs.

Sitar views all properties it manages as if they were their own, managing each in a very pragmatic way.